20 Gross Vintage Hygiene Trends

Around the world, there is an array of hygiene practices and ancient cleaning methods. There’s everything from hygiene in the old west/wild west hygiene, to medieval hygiene practices, to how the roman’s cleaned themselves. Everywhere in the world had different practices. However, how our ancestors cleaned was actually…kinda disgusting! Some of these are gross medieval hygiene practices and others are vintage hygiene tips that are no longer acceptable. In these vintage photos, we’ll show over 20 gross vintage hygiene trends and go over topics like hygiene in the middle ages. You won’t believe some of the gross hygiene practices we found when we dug into how our ancestors cleaned. Check out these vintage hygiene tips and gross hygiene practices from the past. Subscribe to Facts Verse for more!
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Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RTQa_V8YO8

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