2022 Trend Report Webinar – 2022 Trends, Opportunities & Consumer Insights

The 2022 Trend Report Webinar marks Trend Hunter’s official launch of this year’s annual trend report, which you can get free by going to https://www.trendreports.com/?thpromo=77 – Every year, this particular trend report is our most popular, most downloaded Trend Research, so make sure to get a free copy. The market research is loaded with 100+ consumer insights, 500+ trend-driven innovations, and fresh, data-driven insight about the year ahead. You’ll be joining 300,000 other smart people like you who rely on the 2022 Trend Report to stay ahead of the curve — and it’s free!

Instead of launching the report in September, we decided to launch EARLY because this year, consumer needs are changing by the minute, and we are in the process of emerging to a new time period: the chaos and disruptive opportunity that occurs post-pandemic. In short: The Roaring 20s are Coming Back.

In our 2022 Trend Report and our trend research, we break crisis and chaos into 4 stages: Path Dependency (2010-19, where things are normal), Crisis (2020-21, where consumers seize up), Chaos (2022-24, where people try new things, and Recharting (when we get stuck in our ways again…) By understanding how these phases work, you will be better prepared to understand which consumer insights, opportunities and innovations will impact your market. Each phase comes with a different consumer behavior, so now is when you want to learn about the 2022 consumer insights, 2022 trends and all the unique ways to win in the year ahead.

Get The Free 2022 Trend Report Market Research and WIN in 2022:

If you want more trend research, you can fully immerse yourself into our 2022 trends by joining us at one of Trend Hunter’s epic Future Festivals, or chatting more about our custom trend research.

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